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How do I sign up for your Rewards Program?

Click the Rewards Program tab on the left of your screen and enter your account information.

When I log in to my account I can see orders from the old website. Why can't I access the downloads?

When we transferred to the new shopping cart system on December 20, 2016 we were able to transfer order history but not the download files. We had to re-upload all the files one at a time and unfortunately there was no way for us to connect them to your past orders therefore your past order history that you see under your account is for reference purposes only.

What if I need access to my old orders prior to December 20, 2016?

Please search your computer(s), external hard drives and flash drives for your orders and if you can't locate all the files please send me a list of which files you can't locate and I can work with you to try to recover your old orders. There may be a small fee to recover old files since it is very time consuming for me.

Note about our old website, why we moved and why old orders can no longer be recovered from there.

We made the decision to move to a new host and shopping cart system in 2016 because the company that hosted our website had multiple server crashes over the past 10 years which resulted in our website having to be rebuilt each time from their backups. This meant at least a week of our website being down each time. We felt the company was unreliable and we were constantly worried when the next server crash was going to happen.

When I first moved to this new system I had kept the old website active for customers so they could just go there and re-download old orders at their convenience but unfortunately that company had a severe server crash in June 2017 and this time my site was not able to be recovered from their back ups which has really become an inconvenience for us and our past customers.

I apologize for the inconvenience that you are no longer able to access your old orders from our old site and have tried everything to get it fixed but they have had no success in recovering anything from my old website.

How do I know this won't happen with your new website?

Before we made the decision to move we did extensive research on hosting companies and shopping cart systems. We are now hosted with Shopify which has been in business since 2004 with an impeccable track record.

Shopify hosts some of the biggest corporations on the internet such as The New York Stock Exchange, Budweiser, The Economist, Tesla Motors, Red Bull, The National Portrait Gallery and more.

We feel confident that Shopify was the best and most secure decision for our company.



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